• Adult Education Enhancement

  • Provision of AgeMates publications and dailies         

  • Guides for healthcare consumers and providers

  • Annual games, craft and essay competitions

  • Show documentaries on healthcare: disease prevention, care and cure.

  • Interactive opportunities; story telling, reading, discussing         and listening to elders

  • Produce and distribute aging materials

  • Aging audio-visual programs

  • Pre-retirement planning and benefit management         

  • Emergency reviews & safety; First Aid, CPR, AED

  • Volunteer Services, etc.



  • Partnerships with international organizations in research, monitoring, and evaluation of projects in Africa.

  • Promoting medical professionals and social workers exchange programs.

  • Collecting inputs to the upcoming book; The Best Aging in Practice in Africa and Baby Steps to Aging Practice. 

  • Collecting questionnaires from pensioner/retirees

  • Work with authorities and communities, to ensure the security and maintenance of medical equipment and supplies

  • Reward and recognition for practice and commitment, etc.


  1. Medical supplies 2000 – present;

·       Food stuff and supplements to veterans, 2006-2009;

·       Recreational and teaching aids to Hope for the Blind Zaria, 2000;

  • Books and recreational materials to Ja’amiyar Matan Arewa (JMA) 1999;

  • Books and recreational materials to Kaduna Special School, 1999


  • Disease counseling

  • Peace counseling

  • Physical assessment

  • Eye, ear and dental examinations

  • Medication administration

  • Nutrition counseling

  • Diabetic Counseling, etc

HOPe Africa 2010 -2019

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